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Cute Lady Caught Stealing Neighbors Pants To “Sakawa” Boys For Ritual -See This

Beautiful Lady Caught Stealing Neighbors Pants and Selling Them To "Sakawa" Boys for Ritual Money.

It's heartbreaking to watch some of our young people out on the streets, looking for work. Providing a good job for its population is a national priority for any country in order to bring down the high percentage of unemployment in the country.

It is also important for young people not to rely solely on the government to provide them with employment opportunities when they have completed their university education. While walking along our street, you may notice some young girls and boys who are attempting to start their own small businesses in order to provide something to feed the rest of the family.

As a result, starting your own business is one of the most effective ways to create money for yourself while also encouraging others to do the same so that they do not have to rely on the government to supply jobs for them before they can provide for themselves and their families.

It was revealed on social media that a woman had been caught stealing pants from her neighbor's compound. In the video, you can see the young, gorgeous lady sitting on a chair after she was caught in the process of impersonating someone.

She said to the victim that she picked up the underwear because water was leaking out of them and she felt like a good samaritan for doing so, according to the victim. Afterwards, she confronted the suspected thief, asking her why she had taken off her pants and was on her way home before she was apprehended.

This led the victim to believe that the lady was attempting to steal the panties in order to deliver them to the yahoo and sakawa lads for money-making ceremonies. People no longer have any qualms about doing anything for money, and the world is steadily transforming as a result. The man who was accused of stealing couldn't change his mind about whether the accusation was accurate or not.

Everyone must exercise extreme caution and take good care of their underwear when drying them outside to avoid having them stolen by people for bad intentions.


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