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Free Google Digital Courses For Africa

Google is offering free digital courses to Africa to help quick start your career or your business for those who are entrepreneurs at heart, and they also include certifications meaning your CV will standout even more. They offer about 152 courses so far, which are divided into 3 main categories which are Digital Marketing, Career Development and Data and Tech which is meant for Information Technology enthusiasts. All these courses are a great package especially during these days of the 4th industrial revolution proving truly the best things in life are free. This free Google virtual college doesn't even limit you like a typical university or college to only learning only certain courses per semester, but you can get learning with any course you like whenever you are are ready.

You can take all these 152 courses at a go and manage your hours on which one are top priority to you and which ones are more like extras to your own learning schedule. Nobody is rushing you or putting you under pressure you can do modules one at a time till you are confident that you know the individual modules so as to end up receiving free your certifications. The cool thing also is that the learning tool you are offered is through videos which you can watch over and over till you fully understand the subject being taught. Unlike a typical lecturer class room whereby the lecturer doesn't have time to repeat over and over the courses until you understand them, but with Google free digital courses you have an advantage a typical class won't give you.

Really this is an opportunity of a lifetime and all you have to do in order to enroll as a Google student for your first lesson is go to register with your Gmail account which is faster with no need to re-enter your details or register with your preferred email address and enter your personal details and you are ready to start. No books needed, no accommodation needed, no stressing when you struggle to understand a certain course and no transport fare or petrol money needed to go back and forth to college. In your own learning space inside the Google Digital Skills for Africa portal you can even manage your courses and check your progress as to which courses you have completed and the ones you are still to complete on your "find courses" to add block. You can't get a sweeter deal than this, this is a true definition of Free Education which our government promised South Africa but didn't manage to deliver as they promised.

Someone might say I am interested but I have a 9-to-5 job so I might not have time for this, really my response to that is even if you are too busy with work or your business you still can learn these skills. Because these are packaged in such a way that the smallest course takes only an hour of your time and the longest ones can be around 50 hours which you can divide over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. So Africans who have been complaining that they don't have money to go to college to further their education no longer have an excuse, so don't waste time register and get started on these certified courses which are 100% geared to giving you a winning chance in this age of the 4th industrial revolution.

In conclusion, Africa a God given chance is given to us so let's grab it with both hands, to not only give ourselves a better future in terms of a good paying career and as well unto improving the economic situation of our country with these acquired skills from Google. These 152 courses you can take virtually and this is some good news to the Motherland during these dark days of economic meltdown, protests and corona virus lockdowns which caused a domino effect of loss in jobs or just growing in a financially disadvantage environment. Now the aspirations to advance ones academics in hopes of a better future or being a skilled self-employed entrepreneur, are no longer hindered due to things like college tuition, tertiary books, sometimes including accommodation and other costly things that come with tertiary courses. So organize some cash to buy data or connect to a free internet hotspot and lets get learning Africa!!!

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