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Young graduate cop has also accepted her calling to be a sangoma

Mbali Ngaleka (26); from Sophiatown; in Johannesburg; went viral over the weekend after bagging two university qualifications and posted her achievements on Twitter.

Ngaleka says she did not expect to go viral and get a lot of DMs from guys who want to go on a date with her. Though single; she has her priorities on check.

Ngaleka told the local newspaper that she is single and has no child; so she is looking for someone who will understand that she is hard working; loves her job and also following her calling.

Ngaleka said it was her childhood dream to become a cop; hence she has studied; BA in Police Science and a Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation. She did this to encourage other youngsters and police officers.

Studying was; as one can imagine; hard for Ngaleka; who failed a few modules before achieving her end result; she said she had to put her social life on hold and focus on her studies; which helped her to succeed.

Ngaleka who has also accepted her calling to be a sangoma; warned others; that coming to the SAPS drawn by money; is not a good idea because many people end up doing corruption to get more money and put their jobs and integrity in jeopardy.

Ngaleka was raised by a domestic worker who helped support her with finances for her studies. She is now a detective based at Sophiatown police station.

The high flying detective wants to reach for the stars by studying further. She is aiming for a doctorate; and one day; wants to be called Dr Ngaleka.

With her determination and focus; there is no doubt that she can become anything she wants to be. She proved to young girls that there is more to police work; than just being a low ranking officer. By studying further; she is opening many doors for herself.

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