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'This is how much Shoprite employees earn per month, see here

With a total of 2,892 outlets across Africa, the Shoprite Group is the continent's largest grocery retailer. The company's headquarters are in Brackenfell, in the Western Cape region of South Africa.

Shoprite is a well-known grocery store where a large number of people buy for groceries. This is because the vast majority of people believe it is affordable. Having said that, have you ever considered how much money Shoprite employees earn on a regular basis?

On a variety of websites, wage estimates have been made available to the general public. Employees in some regions, on the other hand, may be paid much more than those in others. The average annual salaries are as follows:

The R2547 from Parkers is a ring with a hole in the center.

The cashier's R2703.

The supervisor R6677.

The Sales Manager's R11867.

This shows that, despite the fact that they work long hours, they do not receive exceptionally great remuneration. It is, nevertheless, unquestionably superior than being unemployed.

How do you feel about the average salaries? Please add them to the discussion in the comments area. Do you think it's reasonable or unreasonable?


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