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OPINION| The President no Longer Talk About Job Creations But Offering Experimental Injections

The biggest mistake and by this government, is an exclusion of the the other groups in the economy and public service. We have such an exodus of highly qualified South Africans who could have contributed in the development of this country. Imagine many government departments that are run by unqualified individuals, who are buried in complex and onerous tasks requiring core skillsIf we are going to be able to rebuild this country, all South Africans must be involved in the development of this country. Quite a difficult time when jobs are lost, and if you are seeking for one it is highly unlikely to find. Businesses are demising and starting one is such a difficult task. I have met so many people who have just given up hope, and completely stressed out due to the current situation

It is very funny because wherever he talks he doesn't forget to mention the experimental injection, if he really cares why is he not helping the poor who doesn't have a roof on their heads, with no food and jobs. Why does he care so much about the vaccine that will never help us, now those who got the vaccine are dying eg Iris Adams

The president with his crew no longer talk about jobs but offering experimental injections, and promise to get you a job afterwards. We are living in such precarious times where deception and manipulation are just the order of the day

When the society starts to put its existence on individuals and treat them like little gods, that is when problems get generated. The human race would always bow and hand themselves over to weak sociopaths who take control over their livesImagine what happens in a country like America where one mad goon is bestowed with powers to declare any nonsense as scientific when fooling around the entire country. SA has its own sociopaths who are called something when they should be housed in a loony bin. People must stop to be so docile to be destroyed by such creations

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