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She's curvy but she washes blankets for extra income, tembisa.

south Africa is one of the countries with a high rate of unemployed youth many have qualifications but it is difficult for many to be able to secure jobs.

This means that the youth will have to try something different as the economy of the country is affected, during the beginning of covid19 many businesses were affected by the hard lockdown that the government implemented.

For many south Africans who depend on their salaries it was challenging this means that going forward many people will be forced to.have some savings or to bem able to run a business.

For youth running a business can be challenging as many of them are looking For funding to be able to kick start their businesses.

Smangele from tembisa decided to kick start her business with Just soap and water and a bath, Smangele from tembisa runs a business of washing blankets for the people around her local community, she have dreams of growing and scaling the business as she is interested and having a great passion the business attracts more customers.many have overlooked this kind of business saying that it will never make income for them, what is surprising is that for smangele the business is growing and she even managed to change few things in her life, with the business smangele she's able to buy bread and also be able to afford her lifestyle.

As she is more outgoing she is able to meet new people and tell them about her business , what really sparked smangele to start washing blankets for people around her community is lack of job opportunities, she wanted to make income for herself as she believes in Being independent and also being able to afford certain things in life.

It gets challenging for smangele sometimes as sometimes the season's change and when it rains she can't wash blankets for her customers, but with the believe in herself and also willing to market her business and be able to do a great business for her customers her business will surely be greater than when She started.

Things are now changing for smangele.

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