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OPINION: The reason why Ramaphosa said the have wrong working skills

Cyril said young SAns have wrong skills that time he's talking about people who are frustrated and depressed due to unemployment, which him and his party caused, why did he promise jobs to the youth with wrong skills. They can control this, make limited spaces for fields that are not in demand and pay incentives for people who take scarce skill courses. They need to increase the pass mark at basic education level too 33% does not help

Why these leaders are more of actors, if they want to intertain people let them go and do it somewhere else not on the position of leadership. The promise is the lying song of this politicians specially black one, he also knew it's easy to lie and used the use and they're singing he is a savior, and refusing to even see the wrong this pres has been doing from day one.real state capture completed so just be ready to cry

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