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Shared Photo Of Two Female Graduates Causes Mixed Reactions Online After This Question Was Asked

The photo of two recently graduated female students is currently causing a lot of commotion online. This is as a result of the question which was asked as a regular twitter user took the photo and asked a very intriguing question which to some extent criticized the morality of the job hunting system.

According to the question asked by the social media handle which was identified as @Niishukura, the ladies in the above photo graduated the same time and from the same school, but one of them will get a job faster than the other who will most likely spend years at home before getting employed.

Meanwhile, in reaction to the above post, several social media users showed no hesitation as they rushed to share their respective reasons why one of the two graduates will surely get a job faster than the other. The majority of people who engaged in the post agreed with the poster as some insisted, that one of the two ladies captured in the above picture had an automatic criteria to commence work immediately.

Another user was of the opinion that one of the two ladies was already displaying her credentials, while another user insisted that one will get a good husband faster, while the other will be for the streets.

What are your thoughts concerning the photo and appearance of the two ladies? Which one of the two ladies was the poster referring to when he said one will get a job faster? Don't hesitate to make your opinions known. Also like and follow our page for more spicy articles.

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