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"See" what happens when the ancestors choose a career for you

It is possible for the ancestors to choose the job until you like it, but if Babolat says they do not want it, they will make it difficult for you because they do not like it.

Especially if you do not know that they do not like the Job you doing then you do not know how to do otherwise you may just get lost without having problems.

But the ancestors take it because they want what they want from you just by giving you a calling but because you do not care about the job they just take it.

if you say you are going to check and you are making a decision you are claiming that the ancestors are the ones who caused you to lose this job because they called you but you do not pay attention to them .

Then they see that until you pay attention to them Then that is why they took your job so that you can follow the calling of your ancestors.

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