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Sassa to help R350 grant recipients find jobs — here's what you need to know

Sassa to help R350 grant recipients find jobs — here's what you need to knowZulu revealed this even while responding to a written parliamentary query from the EFF.

The purple berets asked, "What measures of intervention will her branch take to deal with the more than 500,000 humans to be able to be excluded from the SRD because of budget constraints?"

Zulu's department became allotted an R44bn budget that could most effectively accommodate 10.5-million SRD beneficiaries till the end of March next year.


How will opportunities be created through the process?

"Currently, Sassa is in the procedure of setting up an information-sharing court with the departments of public works and infrastructure, employment, and labor to support Covid-19 SRD recipients to get an advantage in getting the right of entry to employment opportunities.

Furthermore, the department has finalized a framework on linking social protection beneficiaries to sustainable livelihoods tasks, with the view to offering talents focused on the unemployed and those in the SRD database to beautify possibilities of employment, "stated Zulu.


Who will the program focus on?

Zulu stated the branch will focus on inclined people, with special attention on teenagers and women.

"Through this program, the department and its entities, running development companies, give competencies improvement projects which can generate profits and create employment possibilities," she stated.

"These measures are intended to provide for people who can not be accommodated via the social offers or the SRD Grant and to channel them into more sustainable jobs and other monetary activities."


Does basic income provide the cards?

Earlier this month, ANC social transformation subcommittee chair Lindiwe Sisulu stated a primary profit provider is at the desk.

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"We were the committee that made it possible to offer our humans during lockdown with R350 as an interim measure for their sustainability." We realized it was possible to deal with that and address simple income challenges.

"We had several meetings with Treasury to peer whether or not it is viable, within the restrained assets we have, to introduce this now, or whether we would need to hold off with the R350 for a particular time frame," she stated.

Sisulu said discussions are on the desk and the final decision lies with finance minister Enoch Godongwana.

"It is something as a way to have to be affected in the finances. "He's seeking to work out how we get round it, ensuring we can have this as an ongoing and sustainable method of making sure those people who have no right of entry to any sources in any way or every other manner could be supported by the country," she stated.

Sassa to help R350 grant recipients find jobs — here's what you need to know (

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