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SA celebrity offers full salary for the "payslip maid" who got humiliated by her boss

In the past week social media was a buzz after a certain payslip belonging to a maid got leaked on social media. The payslip had a ridiculous amount of deductions that got a lot of people talking.

From the chats and the conversations leaked from the boss it seems like the maid was being abused by her boss. From a salary of R3000 she was only left with R1000 after unrealistic deductions were made of things that she had eaten in the house and things she has used including toiletries. The post was retweeted y a lot of people a they were pained with what this particular maid was going through.

Amongst the people who saw the post a famous South African DJ Lamiez came across the post and was touched. She made a public offer to pay up the maids salary for that month after seeing that she was left with almost nothing.

A lot of other people were also chipping in to help her with some people even suggesting that she needed a better job and leave her cruel boss.

A lot of people are in a similar situation whereby they are abused by their bosses but they do not know what to do with their situation. Fortunately for this maid she got exposed and it worked in her favour.

''My heart sank reading this thread. I really hope she is able to get the necessary legal help. Its almost Christmas and I cant begin to imagine her frustration therefore I would like to give her salary for this month please sis Rami." wrote DJ Lamiez.

A lot of people were touched by her kind heart and willingness to help someone she had never met before. Although some people mocked her for offering help a lot of people were inspired to do good. This gives hope that there are still a lot of good people out there who are still spreading love all over. Help someone with the little that you have if you can.

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