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Opinion: Have you been approved by SASSA for 3 months but still no payment, find out the reason why?

There are no jobs, that's why 70% of our youth apply for this grant. What do we expect them to do? What do we expect them to eat? says Wiseman Magasela Executive Director of Clermont Analytics.

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As South African Youths are experiencing challenges on getting employment they are now relying on the SASSA grant as their main stream of income. The South African Social Services was established back in 1937 it was formerly known as the Department of welfare.

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The main purpose of this department seeks to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized members of society. Its mission is to alleviate poverty, promote social integration, and create conditions for long-term livelihoods. In addition, the Department undertakes research to produce the social indicators that are required for program execution and public accountability.

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With the high rise of unemployment the department seems to be overwhelmed and not meeting its target as per their payment dates. According to comments doing rounds on social media these services have been regarded as a joke, as people have to wait 3 months without getting payments. Of which they rely on these social grants.

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As much as R350 is not enough it does make a huge difference in a persons life, especially as this will be the only main stream of income. The most affected in all of this according to a survey conducted by SASSA, black Africans made a total of 82.8% of grant applications.

Most of these people leave in the poor communities and they are not exposed to other means of making an extra income in terms of using online portals or let alone have access to unlimited WIFI services.

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Many people are citing that they were approved 3 months ago but they have not received their payment yet their status says approved. There is also another set of people who were rejected and said they have a source of income yet they are unemployed. Another set of people cited that they made applications in August and they are still pending yet those that applied after them have been approved.

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In as much as people may label SASSA as a joke the Government should make WIFI services available for free in all communities and also to introduce programs in these most affected communities whereby people are taught to make use of online money making streams, such as surveys, voucher links just to mention a few.

As this will help curve the desperate need to rely on SASSA as the only main stream of income. If one is to earn food vouchers from doing surveys then the R350 will cover other needs.

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