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Have you been Approved for September and October with no payday, here is what you need to know


Unemployed receivers of the R350 grant do not have a definite date for payment, unlike recipients of other grants such as old age grants or child support grants, who might acquire a defined date on when they would be able to collect their grant for the stated month. The only other option is for them to always surf the web and check the Sassa page for their payment date on each and every month.

This is a common sample screenshot of a status check for unemployed persons, which they must check on a regular basis in order to be certain of their payment date.This application presented above may appear incomplete because it has only been approved, there is a paycheck missing and filed that still needs to be finalized even though it is unknown when that will be but it is only a matter of time for that to be relevant on the website.

The potential of receiving the October payment faster than planned is high because the status has already been authorized, which was much quicker than the previous months of August and September.

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