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It's 4 Months Until Zimbabwean Work Permits Expire & Nhlanhla Lux Could Not Wait To Remind The Country

It's four months until Zimbabweans living in South Africa under the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits or ZEP dispensation will be considered illegal immigrants if they do not go back to their home country, you can imagine how strange this incident is.

The fact that Nhlanhla Lux poured onto social media in order to express his thoughts on the subject, how is very much displeased with the fact that these individuals exist in the country, is very concerning in so many deep levels.

There is no justification for what he has said online but apart from the fact that he may have always been harbouring some ill will towards Zimbabwean nationals, and for him to think that this will be something that is going to change everything is simply misguided. We have actually been living in a country that completely neglects the rule of law, they don’t want to do their jobs and we wonder why they’re doing so.

It seems like the laws have changed and they're only promoting illegal incidences and injustices in the country that are definitely going to be a problem in the long run, more people need to see a lot of change being effected because they are not happy with the current state of things and who would be when the things are going the way that they are.

This is not good news at all and we know that for sure there are high chances that these individuals are still going to be in the country conducting their businesses as usual, despite the fact that the government is changing rules many times we've actually seen the limits of government.

Especially when it comes to search match large scale operations such as deporting individuals it is not as easy as it is said it is much more complicated, because you might even find out that the same individuals who are trying to deport others left without servicemen because they’ve grown so reliance on them.

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