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"Home Affairs has swooped on Joburg CBD. Foreigners are running and shops being closed" - Kushubile

The Joburg central business district seems to have been subject to a Home Affairs search. People from other countries are fleeing the country in droves, and businesses are closing all over the place.

I would be pleasantly surprised if that were the case, so I've been monitoring Twitter for any indications of it. As of yet, we have heard nothing from it. My original objective was to post a video of a distraught Zimbabwean man who claims to be receiving updates from Yeoville. Vehicles belonging to the Department of Home Affairs are a common sight throughout downtown and the surrounding districts. The Ncube man has new music on YouTube. One of my former employees, Zimbo, has left to take a job in his home country of ZIM. There are no indications that he will wait until his ZEP ends in December. While his expertise will be sorely missed, I must admit that a little part of me is relieved to see him leave. This points to a coordinated effort to keep the public in the dark about developments in the CBD on the part of eNCA, SABC NEWS, and newsroom Africa.

It seems like an attempt to recruit them to them. South Africa's public and commercial media are infected with foreigners (at a rate of over 60%), and native-born employees exhibit little loyalty to the country. Since the Central Business District (CBD) usually shutters down as soon as I come, I can only assume that the Customs Service is to responsible for seizing all of the things. Before putting pen to paper, make sure your facts check out, lest your readers think you don't know the difference between Customs and Home Affairs. As part of SARS, customs officers are responsible for enforcing import tariffs and collecting export and import taxes in addition to preventing the entry of counterfeit products. The residents have been taking pride in the fact that the CBD is now clean and empty of tourists for the last two weeks.

After being away for a while, I returned to the same busy Central Business District in Johannesburg. This really occurred. Before the case was filed, downtown was cleaned up. The hearing has been put on hold until further legal arguments are compiled.


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