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SRD R350 update for all who are approved without pay day date for August & September 2021


All beneficiaries note that sassa already begin with second payment for September 2021, SRD sassa was facing a lot of challenges and having some delays when it comes to payment, we must remember that sassa is dealing with more than 13 million application and, some application has been submitted by peoples who are permanent employed including government officials. 

All sassa beneficiaries note that if your status is approved without pay day date it means you qualify to get SRD R350 grant, some beneficiaries already receive second payment while others are still waiting for the first payment, but if your status is approved it means SRD sassa is still arranging perfect pay day date for you, if your status has been declined by system error you must request for reconsideration, note that after requesting for application reconsideration sassa will go through your application and fix your status. 

Sassa already announce that the only reason that can make your SRD status decline is SOS of incomes, but even if you have submitted details that is not linked to department of home affairs, check the following example if you submitted names that is not matching with your identity number, some time your status can be declined because you submitted wrongly banking details or banking details that is not under your names. 

If you are willing to apply for SRD sassa note that sassa is still accepting new application, you can make a new application so that you can receive benefits of SRD R350 grant, let's help our family and friends by applying for them and checking SRD status for them, checking status online is one of the fastest way even to apply online but note that data bundle charges will apply. 

Please use the following link to get all sassa important information.

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