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In Shock| A Lady And Her 2-Year-Old Kid Were Denied Access In Vleinfotein Clinic Last Night

VELINFONTEIN - We live in a very cruel world where there are people who take career path for the love of money although they have no interest for that particular job. This is the reason why we have workers who do not serve client's properly and they give them attitude whenever they're supposed to give them a service.

The staff at the Vleinfotein clinic on Friday evening refused to let a dying lady and her 2-year-old kid in. According to reports, the nurses vehemently denied being able to help her in the dark. This is extremely disheartening and has left many people on social media talking about the bad service that these public hospitals offer.

It seems like many of these nurses do not care about people's lives anymore they are just at work for the sake of being there. It is very sad because a lot of people have lost their lives at the hospital doors while nurses are watching them die. Action has to be taken because this is very unfair for the Citizens they do not deserve such as the government should provide services to them.

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