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During Interview, CEO Told Me To Remove My Nose Mask, Said I Look Beautiful Then This Happened - Lad

People are subjected to a wide range of events. So many individuals have found themselves in a circumstance where they had no option but to seize an opportunity, only to let that chance slip through their fingers.

A woman has turned to Twitter to recount the events that transpired at an interview she attended in order to find work.

She described what transpired between her and the CEO, who was conducting the interview. According to her, she said that she had been invited to an interview and that she had accepted the invitation.

During the interview, she claims, she received a phone call from the CEO, which she responded to by going to the office. Following the interview, the man planned a second meeting for the two of them to ensure that everything went smoothly. It wasn't until she returned that something unexpected occurred.

She was instructed to remove her nose mask, and when she did so, the man complimented her on her appearance. She complimented her on her appearance and inquired as to whether she engaged in physical activity.

Then he informed her that they needed to set up a time in approximately 4 more days for him to be certain, because she would be his personal assistant very soon. He planned another day and stated that the event would take place at his Guest House. When the lady chose not to attend the interview any longer, despite the fact that the guy had called her numerous times, he was fired. Take a look at what she had to say below.

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