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Here's where some Zimbabweans are planning to go in December. It's not back to Zimbabwe.

A number of Zimbabweans will be forced to leave South In December when their Zimbabwe exemption permits expire. While it would seem logical for them to head home, unfortunately the situation there does not allow for them to earn a lot of money. So instead they have their sights set on the United Kingdom. Here's why.

The United Kingdom is seeking to fill caregiver jobs left vacant by the deaths of Frontline workers during the pandemic. This however isn't a low income job, the average salary according to one source is approximately R442000 a year or approximately R227 an hour. It's also claimed at an experienced caregiver can earn up to R600000 a year. That's more than many people earn in South Africa and possibly enough to start a new life. So what does this mean for South Africans.

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There has been some animosity between South Africans and foreigners recently. While hearing about Zimbabweans leaving may make some people happy, I don't believe that this will really have an impact on the number of foreigners in South Africa. After all it doesn't seem logical for the United Kingdom to be able to give jobs to every Zimbabwean in South Africa.

However for those who don't get Jobs in the United Kingdom, there is still some good news. Zimbabwean minister of foreign affairs and international trade says that Harare is ready to welcome back the Zimbabweans who live in South Africa under the Zimbabwe Exemption permits.

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While all this happens, their is no word on what's will happen to the illegal foreigners, who have broken the law by crossing the border into South Africa. Now that some of the Legal Zimbabweans are leaving, will they leave with them too, will they stay without any identification in South Africa or will they be given an opportunity to get their own documents and become citizens of South Africa. Only time will tell.

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