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Leaked Chats Make Royal AM Chairman Laughing Stock After Mzansi Spotted This

Of course the chairman has become a laughing stock on social media especially after people realised that his English is so terrible, he definitely needs to have some English classes in order to be able to express himselves better using the language or perhaps he must stick to his own home language.

Which is IsiZulu and that is definitely going to make his life better however we have to acknowledge that he is trying though, we do not know what kind of schooling he received perhaps he was homeschooled or taken to those local schools where they speak vernacular even when they are learning the other subjects like mathematics.

We don't really know but this is definitely something that has made him a laughing stock on social media with many people criticising his broken English and his poor way of writing, filled with grammatical errors and although we have to take note that due to these smartphones nowadays most people's incorrect spelling is often saved.

There are so many ways that a lot of people can be terrible at this including misspelling words but fortunately enough for him this is not the case and however he has not been spared laughter from the ordinary members of the public, who think that his ways are definitely not supposed to be entertained.

This leak comes after his baby mama of two children has made the damning allegations of his constant abuse of her, and that is why the public now knows the events or circumstances that are taking place in their home although they have separated.

But we believe that she is very much still part of the family because of these children and that is something that is definitely concerning to a lot of people, that these people are showing to be very toxic towards one another although they needed each other since they are relatively family at this point.

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