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Do you think the government made a good decision by employing 11, 200 healthcare workers?

The Zambian president posted that they hired a large number of health care workers but, what about those who are in the engineering and other sectors, are they still on employment freeze as they have been freezed for so long since 2012 most of the employments, in those affected ministries are just by connections. They say positions are there but no money to pay from treasury, please pay attention to the nurse tutors as well the conditions of service are very poor and trainers also need to be motivatedYou should also look at these other professionals like agriculture, fisheries, mining and forestry in order to grow up this nation's economy not only nurse and the doctors. These health facilities are a total mess at Matero level one hospital and I tell you the situation is bad, imagine where you are admitted but there is no bed for the patient, and you are told to buy everything then what is the use of going to the hospital then, this has to changeTeachers we are also looking forward to the massive recruitment which is ahead of them, kindly let the minister of education do great in recruiting, because some of them have overstayed for so long 7 years in the community just because they don't have connections. Let there be transparency and corruption free in this coming teacher recruitment, Zambia need also equal numbers of teachers to be recruited such early childhood education, primary, secondary, special needs teachers. Please all those health worker that put people's lives in danger by prescribing them wrong medication fish them out, they do it for the money instead of saving lives, this is the most important sector and needs people that are qualified. May that employment come with proper training as health care workers need to realise that they’re in for the service and not for the money. Attitudes in some of these clinics are quite pathetic, particularly midwives

That's a good step taken so far by the new dawn government, as stated, the economic growth is entirely dependent on human efforts, therefore the country needs to have a healthy population to enable function effectively and efficiently, thereby increasing the productivity. As you employ the health workers, please consider the community health workers and the newly trained public health nurses, to ensure the diseases are identified in the communities and communicated before they get out of hand (being pro-active). The aforementioned nursing cadres will help in identifying and communicating to the higher medical personnel, by doing so we shall prevent diseases and improve health of the people, other than depending on the treatment from the hospitality

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