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Does Your CV Keep Getting Rejected? Here's How to Fix It

Your curriculum vitae can play a significant role in positioning yourself for employment. I don't think a lot of people are aware of this, but a poorly formatted CV can decrease your chances of getting jobs. Companies switched into using specialized systems to simplify their recruitment processes and get the most viable candidates. In this article we have shared top 4 pitfalls that people fall prey to and how you can rectify those mistakes.

1.Tailor your CV based on the position

You can't use exactly the same CV that you've used for an administrative position when applying for a marketing job. These are two different professions that needs to be separated accordingly. Let's say that you are applying to be a waitress:

— Your CV needs to clearly highlight your social and communication skills. Can you present yourself properly when you are around people? This is a very important question because you are bound to work with people on a daily basis.

— Which languages can you speak? Include all of the ones that you are fluent in.

— Do you have any previous work experience in this field? If you do, provide that information and references.

2.Use the keywords in the job description

There's a particular software that is used by companies to narrow down their search for viable candidates and its called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It's main purpose is to scan your CV for specific keywords that have been used in the job description. If it finds that your CV does not meet the criteria, you will automatically be rejected.

— Give yourself time to go through the job description and look for keywords that you can include in your CV. For example they might state that they are looking for "creative individuals". This term must be part of your personality traits.

— Use a font that is professional and clean. I would recommend using Arial or Helvetica with a font size of 14pt.

3.Focus on Achievements

Don't list your previous work responsibilities rather make use of your achievements - that's what makes your CV to stand out from the rest.

— What kind of a working experience do you poses? State that in your CV and include the list of projects that you have successfully completed.

— If you have received any awards or incentives, make sure that you also name those things.

4.Stay away from redundancies

Don't be like a college student that fills their English paper with unnecessary words so that they can reach the required amount of words. By this i mean you should try and filter out all of the redundant information and only include the useful stuff.

— If you don't have any working experience, you can fill the empty spaces by stating any voluntary work or non-profits you have contributed your time to.

— It's preferable that your CV is not more than 2 pages long - be concise, relevant, and to the point.

We hope that you will implement this information into your next application. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. For more career advice and business tips, make sure you follow us and be on the loop. 

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