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If your salary is below R3500 and you receive R350 grant, this good news is for you

Candidates that apply for a sponsored decoder before 1 November will get one preceding the simple telecom signals are turned off on 31 March 2022. 

South Africa means to finish its computerized broadcast relocation by 31 March 2022. At the point when this happens all simple TV signs will be turned off and just computerized transmissions will be communicated. Simple TVs need a decoder (or set-top box) to get to the advanced signs. 

Qualifying families that apply for a decoder before 1 November ought to get a decoder before the simple sign is turned off. The individuals who apply after 1 November, be that as it may, should stand by. 

The South African Post Office (SAPO) said: All South African families with a pay of R3500 each month or less and a functioning TV fit the bill for an administration financed set-top box. Qualifying recipients should visit their closest Post Office branch straightaway with the accompanying documentation: 

A sworn statement to affirm that the family has a functioning TV. 

A bank explanation or affirmation to affirm that the family pay is R3500 each month or less. In the event that you get a SASSA award, you don't have to bring verification of pay. Verification that you get a SASSA award is sufficient. 

The Post Office said candidates don't need to visit a police headquarters to do an oath as SAPO branches have standard sworn statements that can be utilized to proclaim pay and affirm the responsibility for working TV and a private location. 

When an application for a decoder has been supported, the data is given to Sentech to choose a neighborhood installer. 

The mail center added that families that have as of now applied for a decoder don't need to reapply despite the fact that the decoders have not been introduced at this point. 

"Establishments are done per region and arrangement of neighborhood installers is finished by Sentech by means of nearby districts. There is no compelling reason to re-register to ensure you get a set-top box," said SAPO. 

To further develop productivity, there will be a different line for decoder applications at Post Offices. "In case you are a SASSA recipient and you have a functioning TV, recollect that you fit the bill for the sponsored set-top box." 

Simple signs are denser than computerized communicated signals. The relocation to computerized broadcasting will unclog the range and furnish South Africans with more admittance to an assortment of content. 

"A digitized sign can take into account up to ten TV channels (standard definition) to be communicated, though a solitary simple channel would require the entire recurrence," said Guy Berger, clarifying the shortcoming of simple telecom in his book Challenges and Perspectives of Digital Migration for African Media. 

Thus, rather than the conventional stations, which we are acquainted with on open telecom: SABC 1, 2, 3, ETV and a local area TV slot, the decoder will empower admittance to something like 22 TV stations and 19 radio broadcasts. 

TV stations 




SABC Sport 

SABC Education 

SABC Encore 

SABC News 


Africa Magic Epic 

Mzanzi Bioskop 

M Movies 4 

Mzanzi Wethu 

S Sport Blitz 

SS Select game 

Disclosure TLC 

Disney JNR 

Scratch Toons 

Mzanzi Music 

Channel O 


Mnet Go 

790 CSN 

Radio broadcasts 

Radio 2000 


Great Hope 


04 Channel Africa 


Lesedi Fm 







Munghana Lonene 




Tru FM 


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