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How To Become A Successful Makeup Artist In South Africa ?

I'm sure when you were going up , you saw how much your sisters or cousins would pay the make-up for the services they provided . It comes quite hard to be a professional makeup artist in South Africa but it is worth the work and the determination .Everything requires hard work , nothing is easy all what is needed is hard work and determination and last but not least endurance because it is not going to be easy but it is worth a try and I hope to inspire you guys to follow your dreams not just being makeup but also those who do hair or nail art . Push hard guys you'll one day reap therewards of being a resilient being .

My journey as a makeup artist has not been a easy one but I strived for success , I'm not yet successful but I'm much better than what I was before , I do admit that I will not know everything and I will continue learning till my last day. One of the most important thing to become a successful make-up artist is knowing what your clients want and being able to deliver that and satisfy their needs .The second one is respecting your client's time , because we all know that time is precious so time wasting is not a good sign , so be punctual get there early and if it means you have to wait 5 minutes more , do it because this will show professionalism and your clients will love that .The third on is being Consistant , people hate seeing different personalities be who you really are , don't take or create a fake personality because trust they will spot that . What has worked for me has being truly myself and people have fell in love with what I present myself as and I'm so glad I went with being truly myself !

The last tip that I'm going to share with you is being flexible or versatile, you don't want to bore people with the same makeup look all over again, come with new fresh makeup looks and different techniques that might put you in a good position and it will also extend your portfolio and new clients will see that you are a jack of all trades .

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