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Threatened With Dismissal Or Eviction At Work For Refusing Covid-19 jab? Report To SAHRC Now.

Can employers force employees to vaccinate? The South African Human Rights Commission hopes to hear the opinions of all parties concerned.


 Buang Jones stated that she hopes this will help determine the legality of the matter. 


 "We are reviewing all available legal options and hope to work with affected workers and employers to find the best way to resolve this situation," Jones told TimesLIVE on Tuesday. 


 "The purpose of this event is to protect rights and listen to employers' positions on this important issue. 


 If your employer decides to make vaccination mandatory and you think that decision will harm you, please contact Write to us. 


 "The committee is monitoring the adoption of vaccines and encouraging people to get vaccinated. 


 "We have received complaints from some people who were told that if they were not vaccinated, they would be fired or expelled. These people were seriously afraid of the vaccine and turned to the committee for help. 


 Although the group intends to listen to workers who choose not to be vaccinated And the opinions of employers who had to deal with them, but the group was also asked to hear the opinions of people with underlying illnesses who might be exposed to unvaccinated colleagues. 


 Jones stated that the committee is collecting documents and will announce the next step action. 


 Unbelievable. Let me solve this problem. If you have comorbidities and your employer allows your colleagues to work without vaccinations, even if the employees are eligible and vaccinated, please contact the South African Human Rights Commission 


-Michael Markovitz (@mmarkovitz) July 27, 2021 


 Last month, the Ministry of Labor and Employment issued guidelines on how employers should treat employees in the workplace for vaccinations. 


 Employment and Labor Minister Tulas Nxesi’s ada Comprehensive Health and Safety Guide states: “Employers need a wise solution that takes into account all aspects of workers’ refusal to vaccinate for medical and constitutional reasons. 


 “A key principle of these guidelines is that employers and employees should respect each other. Public health, the constitutional rights of workers, and the effective conduct of employer’s business are given priority.” 


 It must be included in the risk assessment. 

 "This investigation is divided into three stages. First, you need to consider the operational requirements of the workplace to conduct this assessment. This means that management will not compulsory vaccinate, but every employer must consider their General responsibilities under the Law and Safety Act to ensure that a safe working environment does not pose any risk to the health of workers. Used for work where your activities may be directly harmed, so as not to endanger your health or safety. 


 " Second, if an employer decides to require vaccination after conducting a risk assessment, it must determine which workers should be vaccinated. To determine whether an employee is eligible for vaccinations, employers must identify employees whose work is at risk of developing or dying from Covid19 due to age or underlying health conditions. 


 "In other words, not all workers are exposed to this risk, such as workers who work at home or whose work is not in close contact with other workers or the public. 


 "Third, when you determine which employees should be vaccinated After vaccination, you need to change your plan to include measures to vaccinate these employees, because these employees can get the Covid19 vaccine, subject to the guidelines in Appendix C of June 2021. Version of the manual. 


 “In view of the multi-level nature of the national vaccination plan, according to the standards set by the national health department from time to time, employers cannot make it an obligation until employees are eligible to participate in the vaccination plan and obtain an electronic vaccination record system becomes available. The date of vaccination has been determined.” 


 Nxesi said that there is a need to strike a balance between keeping employees healthy and running a business.

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