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Mzansi left astonished by insane deductions done by employer to their domestic worker

Most children were raised by their domestic workers, although this kind of work is disrespected by other people as they think you're not educated if you are a domestic worker. However with the on going unemployment rate in South Africa it seems there aren't enough options but take whatever comes your way. Domestic workers do an incredible job not only are they house keepers but they gaurd people's houses too especially when you're at work or out of town. These people should be respected at all times.

South Africans were left astonished by an invoice done by a woman now only going by "Khumo's mom". Apparently Khumo's mom gives her domestic workers things only to charge them for it when she had to pay them. Khumo's mom charges her domestic workers even for not bathing Khumo everyday, isn't that the craziest thing ever.

Already Khumo's mom is underlying her domestic worker, R 3000 is below the required minimum wage. The invoice doesn't have UIF deductions meaning Khumo's mom hasn't registered her employee. If anything a case against this woman should be opened against this woman for under paying her workers.

Isn't this employer delusional though, by all means she cannot afford a domestic worker let alone a stay in. How is everything said here an employee's responsibility. If you have a domestic worker please treat them right, nobody enjoys leaving their home just to clean after people. They too have families to feed and their children wish they were home.


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