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Good News and Bad News for SA : The Wages will be raised, but more people will be left without jobs.

Many people in South Africa are currently struggling, either they do not have jobs, because the unemployment rate is so high, or they are currently making less money than is needed to sustain their lifestyle. News has come for both these groups of people, however, for one group it's good news and for another it's bad news. Below is everything you need to know and what it means.

The Good News :

The minimum wage for South Africans may see a raise soon. It's currently sits at just over twenty rand an hour. However for many people that will change, we do not know by how much at the present moment but it will hopefully be enough for people to more comfortably sustain their lifestyles. However while good things are happening for one group of people, another group will continue to suffer, possibly even more than they used too. Here's why.

The bad news :

Many people in our Country have been suffering without jobs because of the unemployment rate. However, while these people are hoping to get jobs soon, some of them may not. This is because with the raise in the minimum wage, some of these people will be rendered unemployable. Companies simply won't be able to afford to employ these people even if they wanted too, because as they pay more, they will hire less, to keep the finance's of the company stable. So what does this mean.

What does this mean for South Africans :

This is a sad situation as it improves the lives of some and destroys the chances of others. So many people want to remove themselves from poverty and now they have the chance to do so, however the fact that it comes at the cost of jobs is heartbreaking for some. At this point I would like to encourage South Africans to become self employed, start your own business or even look for work online. Becoming an entrepreneur is the best chance you have of removing yourself from poverty. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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