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Unqualified White man chosen for a job instead of the qualified black people who applied.

Events like this aren't speculated to take place, now not see you later after apartheid ended. Favoritism for certain races is supposed to be long long past. However it's nevertheless occurring and worse of all in our law machine. All the details are down underneath but, some factor desires to alternate. Black humans cannot be continuously managing things like this.

A white guy named Steve Middleton turned into appointed to the head of the Durban metro Police recently. However he lacked the simple abilities for the task and had in no way been a registered traffic officer. This however isn't always the more severe element, the more serious a part of this became that two flawlessly certified candidates have been exceeded up. Not exceedingly, those applicants had been Black. Which leaves me with a query. Why had been two flawlessly qualified black human beings passed up in choose of an underqualifed white man.

Apartheid is over and such things as this want to alternate, the shade of your skin shouldn't be counted when you are becoming a task. People need to be valued based on the work they carry to the desk. Tell me what you believe you studied in the remarks and follow for more news because it happens.

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