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A "successful job" application as a cashier at Makro ended in tears

A lady recently caused a stir on social media after sharing what happened after applying for a job as a cashier. The lady mentioned that everything looked legit from the application process to receiving the job offer. She mentioned on her caption that it took time before she realized it was a scam.

Basically the "company" wanted her to pay a certain fee. This was a red flag because recruitment companies do not charge their applicants anything. Hence it is important to verify job opportunities to avoid being a victim of a scam. People were blown away by what happened. See more of people's reactions down below;

Makro responded under the lady's tweet, highlighting how their applications actually work. This will definitely help a lot of young individuals who are currently unemployed.

Share your thoughts on the comment section, what do you think about what happened to the lady and people's reactions overall? Have you ever experienced something similar to this?

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