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Poverty & unemployment will never end in Africa. opinion.

Poverty & unemployment will never end in Africa.500 years ago Europeans brought poverty in our Continent.They came in Africa & created their own system.Their own laws.The system that is still making a black child suffer even today.The people who colonised Africans 500 years ago are not the people who came up with Apartheid but Apartheid was still ruling under the same System the only thing they changed is Laws.The laws that doesn't favour people who look like you black child.The system remain the same The laws change.We will never defeat poverty & unemployment.Fast forward to 1994,We had our first Black President.Now it's been 27 years & even thou the President is black.Our Ministers are black.Parliment got majorities of Blacks.We are still facing unemployment & Poverty.The reason behind all this is that even thou the Laws are new.Even thou the Laws seem like they wanna be on your side.The situation will remain the same because the system is still the same.It's still the same system that killed your Ancestors.The same System that raped our Ancestors.The System that stole from us.Laws are useless.Whoever have power is the one who control the System.If Black people wanna defeat their problems.First of all they must forget about changing the Laws in a System they didn't create.Black people need to come up with their own System.The System that will be fair to them.Im talking about their education system were they will produce people who will strive in life not just at school.Employers over Employees.Business minded youth.Black people need their own Economic System.The one where Money will circulate around black community.You need your own currency.Your own money.Your banks.In this way African Countries will sell their minerals to each other without the involvement of Europeans & Americans.We don't need change in our laws We need to Start our own System.Because this current System doesn't favour us.We were locked out of the System when we were unborn.

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Africa Americans.We Black Europeans


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