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Beautiful woman works in mining.

Karabo Nkoana is a South African woman with one of the most dangerous jobs. She works at a mine as a safety officer. She is very proud of her job and her journey, regularly posting pictures of herself in her safety gear just before she goes underground.

Mining is a very dangerous job. There have been many incidents where miners die within those shafts. Sometimes they go inside to do their job only for the way to be buried by fallen rocks. Sometimes the lifts get stuck and they are stuck kilometers underground with no way to get out.

Describing her job she stated:

I was only 23 when I started working underground. I remember I cried the first day when I had to walk 10 kilometers to site. I asked myself why should I suffer like this when I have been to school? But I'm beginning to realise that the world does not meet anyone halfway.

Recently she tweeted:

Lord be with us as we enter the belly of the earth.

Despite the risks that come with her job, Karabo is an outwardly happy girl and loves to do the things women her age do like go shopping and do their hair. It's not clear whether she is in a relationship.

The girl is focused.

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Karabo Nkoana South African


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