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Apply for the UIF today to get paid soon

Life can be capricious and regularly conditions beyond our control lead to frightening results, for example, being rescued or being abandoned in preparation for the reconstruction of the organization, for example. Normally, many people really can't stand being unemployed for a significant period of time, and with job shortages increasing, it becomes more and more difficult to switch from one occupation to another. Being unemployed can be surprisingly overwhelming and distressing.

To help reduce the possible destructive effects of not having a paycheck, South Africa has an unemployment protection resource that workers can vouch for a period of time. We'll talk a bit later).

Basically, the asset provides temporary monetary assistance to workers when they become unemployed or cannot work due to sickness, maternity or foster leave. The asset also helps the dependents of a deceased taxpayer worker.

Basically, this is a monetary safety net for South Africans.

How is the FIU financed?

Each representative pays 1% of his salary in the assets, and managers pay this 1% so that there is a commitment of 2% from month to month. It is the responsibility of companies to ensure that all workers are registered in the FIU and to ensure that a worker's hiring is systematically deducted from their remuneration. Assuming that the employee was registered, and the obligations are paid that the representative really wants to guarantee between the assets. The representative should not disrupt the card or any other proof that they added to UIF.

workers should not add to UIF if:

they are used within 24887 with a specific Manager

their agreement took place as a component of the capacity law of

they are an employee of A public or ordinary government

They are often the healing or a person in the Civil Chamber

it is illegal for bosses:

except that the remuneration of employees of 1% for the remuneration of an employee

remuneration higher rates of cost of paying the possibility that they fall with UIF

payroll payments to subtract UIF as if this is an additional aid

Note: if, in a condition of condition without the Want to deduce a lot of money at the end of the month, they must pay this employee (s).

Who has the right of guarantee of UIF?

All specialists who added to UIF may ensure that they were disappointed, kept if their agreement expired, or again, if their boss goes bankrupt. Experts who can guarantee that they can guarantee a business event, they lose their work from their leaders or, if the business matrices that foreigners, who are used for all time in South Africa also answer all UIF requirements.

Last minute changes in the business and benefits

The Chair noted the correction of the protection of the protection of inaction, operate in the law in 2018, which is welcomed as a triumph for the workers, as well as An enlarged company for South Africa.

As a cash flower, Maya Fisherfrandch raises:

In payments for the benefits of inaction will be during the year, not eight months in progress.

The advantage of maternity will be paid to 66%, not the share of the current slip size in the range of 38% and 60%.

temporary frameworks inside, which have been expanded to submit half-year complaints to a year to integration, maternity, disease and reception reception. For the benefits of mortality, you can document the case of one and a half years.


municipal workers and listening people will be ready to add and warranty of UIF.


workers working at low clocks or short-term will really want lost hours.

The most effective method of stopping the UIF warranty

The initial step is collected in the work substance unit to sign the registration register.You will then have to come back at regular intervals to re-sign the safe and prove that you really need unemployment benefits. The main facilities can be accessed directly from the division's workplaces, or you can download them at given a white card by an official of the FIU.

The interaction doesn't end there ...

You need to make sure you get back to work on the right date for whatever you need a month. If you cannot do this due to illness, be sure to bring a specialist's note to the office

Make sure your white card is approved by the official in charge of recording your visit

When am I going to start accepting my UIF cash?

If all is working as expected, you should start accepting your UIF cash benefit within approximately two months of signing up. Then at that time the money will flow into your ledger like clockwork until the resources are exhausted.You will also receive a receipt telling you how many cases.

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