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Should Foreigners receive sassa grant ?

Since 2020 South Africa have been battling with too much high unemployment since the lockdown have started, it has caused a disaster especially among the youth who have been trying to stand up on their feet and try to find jobs so that they can feed their families. Many people have been retrenched from work because there was no production during lockdown as everything was forced to close down.

Many shops, companies and industries have been facing difficulities and were unable to pay all their employees and this resultd in retrenchment and many people have been sitting at home since then doing nothing. This also causethe crime rate to climb even higher because people need money to support themselves. Government tried to come up with a solution to try to ease the hunger among people.

We have so many foreigners in South Africa and some of them are here for job opportunities and some of them are here because their families decided to come and live in South African. But this also cause problem to the inflation of South Africa because the ones who pay tax are few and the once who doesn't pay tax are many. And wome of them are here just for theft.

Government decided to introduce special grant for people who are unemployed since the lockdown started but this also come with terms and conditions. You must meet the requirements before you can apply that special grant. All applicants for social grants must be South African citizens, permanent residents or refugees ,official refugee status granted by the South African government must be provided and candidates must be living in South Africa.

People who qualified for this special grant have been receiving this money in many ways at the end of every month. But some people are rejected for various reasons. Some of the foreigners have been crying out loud saying they also need this special relief grant as they are also affected by the lockdown. But South African citizens don't think is good idea to give foreigners money while they have no legal document and don't pay tax.

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