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If you feeling pressured already, then do not download Linkedin.

One social media platform that is fast growing amongst intellectuals right now is the platform we call Linkedin. The Linkedin platform has seen a lot of growth lately and we have seen that it is one App that a lot of intellectuals and graduates seem to love a lot. A lot of people who have skills and are looking for jobs tend to be found on this App, and it's one App that connects you with other people who are looking for jobs, those who have already found jobs, and it also connects you with potential employers, which is another reason why the App is popular amongst graduates.

A lot of people have said that Linkedin is one platform that gives one a lot of pressure, it makes you feel like you haven't achieved a lot in life. The App will recommend people for you to follow and those people usually have things that they post that just make you feel like you're behind in this race we call life. I have to admit I also have felt a little behind on life after joining Linkedin.

graduates will be showing off their degrees and those who have gotten work will be posting their first cars and first apartments which will leave you feeling a little down. Well, the best thing to do if you are on this platform is to not compare yourself to anyone who you see making in life, if you're working hard enough then your time is also coming as well.

Well, Linkedin is a platform that a lot of graduates and intellectuals needed from the beginning, and it is surely going to get more attention as time goes on. The platform has a lot to offer to people looking to find their dream jobs and meet like-minded people.

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