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Women Talk About How They Had To Give Up Their Careers In Order To Further Their Partners Career.

Women Talk About How They Always Have To Give Up Their Careers In Order To Further Their Partners Careers.

Date || 25 June 2022

Source || Twitter


Way back in the olden days, it was known that a women's place is "In the kitchen" as they would like to say and, men on the other hand were providers and, therefore, had to go out and work for the families.

This has, however, been something that has changed over the years as women nowadays are independent and don't have to depend on a man to do things for them. Women have the freedom to work for themselves and their families and do possibly almost anything they want to do. However, this doesn't seem to be the case for every women out there as, there are some women to this date that put their careers or work aside in order to allow their partners or their men to purse theirs.

Photo credit: Twitter 

This was a discussion that some women were having on Twitter not long ago and, some women expressed how they decided to either put their careers aside or take more than they can chew in order to allow their significant others to go purse their careers. One lady in particular spoke on how whe found herself having to take care of her and her husband's child while working and keeping their household together. She did all of this because her husband was busy working hard in order to achieve his dreams and get to where he wanted to be in life. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

This lady went on to express that if she had entirely given up on her goals and dreams, she wouldn't have done herself any justice as she has always been someone who's ambitious, strategic and determined. So, she had to do what she had to because at the end of the day she did have a daughter to take care of and despite the fact that they went through a lot together, they eventually came out alive and are happy. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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