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POPI Act is about to change the rules of hiring and interviews in SA. No your rights and stay safe.

A police state is a situation where there are too many laws that create a huge red tape. Laws are good because they protect people but can at times create a bottleneck.

The Protection of Personal Information Act came in to force from the 1st of July. The creators of the Act intended to protect personal information of all South Africans.

This can definitely be seen as a noble act. Personal information needs to be protected especially in this time of cyber crime and people impersonating others to get access to various things in life.

Many believe the POPI Act to be focusing only on businesses. Everyone believed that it is the responsibility of commercial businesses to keep records of their clients information safe.

This may come as a shock, but employers have now been given more responsibility when it comes to the collecting, processing and storing of personal information, not only of their own staff but also for potential employees.

According to POPI employers will now have to think carefully about the types of questions they need to ask potential job seekers during an interview. The Act prescribes that an informed consent will need to be obtained prior to asking personal questions.

The job seekers will also need to be informed about what the information will be used for or how it will be stored. Employers will need to stay clear of questions that involve religion, politics, philosophy, or race.

The other issues will include CVs that no longer ne left everywhere in the office or being put on the database indefinitely. Where information is not handled responsibly the aggrieved party can sue.

Companies and government departments will need to take their human resources departments through a thorough training to avoid being in contravention of the Protection of Personal Information Act.


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