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Important read: Ways to stay poor forever

 Poverty is a common enemy of all, people will do everything in their power to defeat and avoid poverty by all means. 


 In contrast to wealth, poverty is very simple, very simple, there is no need for a map or road map, so many become poor without their consent. 


 People were taught thousands of lessons on how to get rich, but today I'm going to take the bottom-up approach and talk about how to stay poor. 


 1) Your salary is too low to save. Why should you save anyway? Once you have your daily expenses covered and the person you are advising to save has a good salary, you have to wait until you get a good job with a good salary to start saving. 


 2) A college graduate like you shouldn't take a low-paying job or side job. Anyway, your parents spent a lot of money raising you and all you earn is an office job in a quiet setting. 


 3) Never plan. Yolo you only live once. Why stress about the future and it is not a guarantee. E at and inject everything today. 


 4) Never get up early. God takes care of loved ones while they sleep. Haven't you read the bible? 


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