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Video| They fired him from work with immediate effect and this is what he did before he left

Having a job keeps a person busy and helps people in making their lives easier, because of the income that comes from working. These days jobs are becoming scarce in many countries, to a point were if you find yourself with a job, you consider yourself lucky.

Being fired from a job can cause impulsive behavior, many people go crazy because of it. A video of a man who used a TLB to destroy a fleet of trucks went viral on social media recently, The man was allegedly fired from the company he word for. Instead of taking his things and leaving the place in peace, he first caused drama.

The video showed him using the TLB to destroy the roof and front of about 5 trucks that were packed in just seconds, people who work in the company ran to watch in shock and someone who was brave enough, climbed into the TLB to stop him.

The man who crushed the trucks is alleged to be a furious miner, claiming that his wages had not been paid for the month.

By doing this, many other people will lose their job in that company. It set the company's progress back and so much money will be lost because of his actions.

Here are screenshots of the video below:


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