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Small to medium only: Ayepyep Lifestyle setting beauty standards in the midst of unemployment woes.

The infamous club, Ayepyep Lifestyle has been called to question for it's requirements for bottle girls and hostesses. The club released a job poster on their social media accounts to spread the word to potential job seekers. The uproar on social media has been in regard to the requirements of the vacancies, specifically being "small to medium size".

South Africa is experiencing the highest rate of youth unemployment at 68% and the pandemic has pushed the hopes of employment further away. So it does seem extremely insensitive to employ people based on physical appearances that are out of ones control. Many others on social media also find these requirements to be absurd and out of touch with reality, because of the unemployment rate in the country. This discourse also brings up key words like fatphobia and discrimination, which ordinarily are a human rights violation. It also highlights other sectors and establishments that also have specific physical requirements for potential employees. Social media users are at odds, others stating that there is nothing wrong with having a preference and that Ayepyep is not the only establishment that does this. Whilst others are calling for other establishments and sectors to be called to question for their unfair requirements.

Ayepyep Lifestyle is known for having beautiful women under their employment, but this poster communicates that the beauty standard is specific. In 2021, one would think that the many societal issues and social movements have encouraged growth to increase inclusivity in all spheres of the job market. Does beauty equate to being small to medium size again? If I am not small to medium size, am I not worthy of employment? This discourse makes one take a second look at the requirements of Miss SA and the requirements of being an air hostess, to name a few. If we can be enraged by the beauty standards that are set, and the job opportunities that are specified for a certain group by Ayepyep. Then all the other establishments should be called into question. It's 2021, no one should be denied the opportunity to be considered for a job because of their physical appearance.

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