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4 Foreign Nationals Arrested In Joburg CBD For Impersonating Police Officers, Demanding Passports

Four illegal foreigners arrested in Joburg CBD for impersonating police officers, demanding passports from foreign nationals. Most of these individuals have even resorted to calling South African citizens names like Xenophobic, but when such things are happening in our own country what are we to say about them.

What are ordinary members of the public supposed to think of such things as they happen because we can't just excuse them or simply dismissed such things, these are the things that make people very upset to such an extent where they want Justice to be had.

It doesn't make sense that we have individuals who are committing all this kind of horrible criminal activities in our Society, and we have to let them just be despite this completely destroying our country on so many levels.

The individuals were arrested and interrogated about the activities and the fact that they are simply doing such things and our Society, which is something that is concerning a lot to the people of this country and that is why something has to be done in order to ensure that we do not have a repeat of such act.

The individuals were apprehended in the act and there's nothing that can prove people otherwise because it is clear that they were doing this thing knowing very well what they were doing, that is why they have to be brought to Justice.

So that they can account for what they have been doing it is unfair for the Citizens of this country to even be in such situations, where they are wondering to themselves about their presence of foreign nationals in this country which has proven to be troublesome.

Even our most notable politicians have reacted to the arrest they are simply very upset about the way things are happening because it doesn't make sense at all, that we are even in such a situation we truly do need more Justice to be done because it doesn't make sense for the Citizens to go through such criminality.

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