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The employees have nowhere to run to as their rights to freedom of choice have been ignored


The employees have no where to run to, thier rights to freedom of choice is being trampled upon. It's quite difficult having to choose between vaccination and job, the CCMA isn't a court of law and no precedent has been set. That decision was made by a commissioner and not a judge I will await the Concourt ruling on this matter, the commissioner that made this decision needs to go, no company has a right to force employees to vaccinate against their will

What is the company achieving by mandating the vaccine, vccinated or not you can get and transmit Covid right so both are still risky. The only difference could be that the vaccinated has protected themselves against severe illness or hospitalization, now if thats the case then what does the mandate set to achieve? Human rights are scratched out just like that is the CCMA defending employers now, because really there’s no way that Constitutional Court will allow this to pass and if they do then we are doomed foreverBut if other staff have taken the vaccine then they should be safe right, as in immune to contacting COVID why do they then feel the need that others should take it so they can feel protected, they should be protected by their jabs?! No? I fully support anyone who doesn't wanna get vaccinated and I also fully support anyone who wants to get vaccinated, it's a personal choice one should make on their own without being force or manipulate

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