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“Don’t Complain when they hire foreigners“ - SA reacts after Spotting this on a CV that went Viral

There are a lot of difficult things in South Africa, but the hardest thing in South Africa is getting a job. Yep, about 60% of South Africans (aged between 18-25) are unemployed and they blame the economy and foreigners as they blame them for taking their jobs.

According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) for the first quarter of 2022, the unemployment rate was 63,9% for those aged 15-24 and 42,1% for those aged 25-34 years, while the current official national rate stands at 34,5%.

However, it appears that it’s not about the influx of foreigners in this country that result in the scarcity of jobs, but it seems like South Africans are the ones to blame for them being unemployed, and the latest reports from twitter proves that.

A young lady who works at the HR department of an unrevealed company, caused a stir after she post a CV which was prepared in a bad manner. “This was dropped off at my desk,” she wrote.

However she did very well as she hid the name of the CV owner. The Owner of the CV made a mistake, when writing “Curriculum Vitae” and wrote Curriculum Vampire.

After Mzansi noticed that the person doesn’t even know the actual meaning of a CV, they went to troll him and said that, we South Africans should not complain about foreigners taking their jobs, cuz no company would want to hire a person who doesn’t know how to construct a CV.

“Don’t complain when they hire foreigners, South Africans are bitter against foreigners but yet they are illiterate. Do you expect a company to hire someone who doesn’t even know the meaning of a CV?, while there are well educated foreigners looking for jobs? Think about it guys,” a user reacted.

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