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Palmistry: check your type of hand and your successful rate


Palmistry's most basic method is hand type reading. The type of hand reflects one's underlying character, values, and behavior. If the results of the analysis of the type of hand differ from other methods of palm reading, the former should be used.

According to Chinese Five Element theory, there are five hand types: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Detailed hand attributes, personality, career, and love analysis for the five hand kinds. Examine your current hand.


Metal Hands Belong to Rational Workers and Leaders

White, dewy, meaty, and elastic palms.

Metal-handed people are practical, strong-willed, and law-abiding. They can lead well, are fair and just, and prefer to defend the weak rather than bully them. They will help you if you help them. Not willing to let down or exploit others, they prefer to favor the vulnerable above the strong. It takes courage to overcome obstacles, bear pressure, and change the environment to control one's own destiny. They can be so active that others feel the pressure.

It's hard for them to accept emotional trickery or a negligent partner spouting sugared words. They prefer the bold and capable. It's important to show your affection for someone with a metal hand by doing something useful.

Work: No matter what industry they select, they must develop executive skills and work as a leader, manager, official, or legal professional. It requires communication, coordination, and teamwork. They can handle it better and reach their full potential.


Wooden Hands Are Emotional, Aesthetic, and Creative.

Oblong hands with long fingers, pronounced knuckles, and stiff thumbs.

Wooden-handed people are tough and self-reliant, preferring promotion to repression. They dislike cliquism, are accustomed to a stable life pattern, and are unable to adapt to changing environments. They are self-aware and courageous in their expression. Meanwhile, they can fulfill their duty and help the weak. Soft-hearted and empathetic, they are readily moved. It's a good thing they're curious, because they're gifted in the fields of science and religion.

Wooden hands are romantic and have Platonic love. They won't be flipped unless the lover is immaculate inside and out and has a noticeable temperament.

The static labor requiring thought such as public administration, marketing, cultural and artistic creation and academic study as well as philosophy and religion is required of them in any industry they pick. This form of job takes talent, ideals, and concentration.


They Belong to the Emotional, Talented, and Resourceful.

Wide, plump, smooth hands with short, round fingers and long nails.

Personality: People with water hands are smart, talented, quick learners who enjoy discovering the truth. They have a clear intellect, good judgment, and analytical skills. Despite their creativity, they lack action and often indulge in idle discourse. They may also change the environment and adapt to it in various ways.

The unique and diverse sentiments can make them fall in love with people from other backgrounds. But the cognitive gap must be bridged. Relationships with few commonalities but significant variances are more likely to begin.

Employees in any industry generally do thinking-oriented job, such as operators thinking about operation strategy, businesspeople selling, researchers thinking about technical breakthroughs, marketers thinking about market development, and artists creating work. This form of employment demands logical thinking, strategic analysis, and imaginative creativity.


Fire Hands Belong to Emotional and Charming Experts

Long palms and fingers, unknuckles, and ruddy nails

People with fire hands have a 3-minute passion. They are emotive and know what they love and hate; they will sacrifice for the one they love but avoid touch with the one they despise. They are quick learners who are curious in many subjects but lack tenacity.

With their beautiful appearance, they often fall in love at first sight and develop swiftly. Because it is impossible to retain the same fervor from beginning to completion, they frequently give up half way. So, if you want to discover the right one who loves your soul rather than your face, you can hide your external attractiveness.

Work: Firemen are self-sufficient and prefer open space and stage than a set plan. Others frequently think they are asocial because of their talent. For them, horizontal development, communication, and coordination are crucial.


Earth Hands Belong to Rational and Practical Executives

Hands and palms are thick, with big wrists and a coarse skin and palm print.

Personality: Earth hands are willing to die to protect others. They are resigned to the situation and accept others, wiser than smart. Easygoing but uninteresting, they have numerous valuable opinions but never express them randomly. They are often overlooked since they do not like to take credit. Their role will be realized once they depart the original post. Their strong feeling of self-protection makes it difficult for others to approach them. They are also tenacious in their pursuit of their goals.

Love Relationship: They usually have a crush on someone but fail. Long-term relationships typically reveal their benefits and inner beauty.

Work: Earth hands belong to those who work quietly, persevere to the finish, and achieve incredible feats through experience. They prefer to govern themselves than others. Despite their lack of multi-functional development, they may devote themselves to their vocation and persevere while others give up. They produce irreplaceable value through experience.

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