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3 Inspiring Things You Can Do While You're Unemployed

Looking for a job can be a very stressful process that can take a toll on your mental health. In order to stay motivated and inspired, you need to do things out of the job search process that will keep you going even when it gets hard. We have decided to to put together an article and share 3 simple habits that you can adopt whilst you are looking for a job.


In our previous articles we have given an in-depth guide to show how beneficial it can be to dedicate some of your time to voluntary work. It will add weight into your CV and give you a platform to network with other people.

— Do a quick search on Google and see if there's any non-profit organizations in your area that you can join. You can even ask people in your community.

— While doing your voluntary work, make sure that you write down all of the things that you have learnt during that process and get references.

2.Learn something new

I know that it's difficult to stay productive especially when you are unemployed, but the more time you spend in upskilling yourself the better. There's so much that you can learn from:

— Computer programs

— A new language

— Leadership skills

— How to sell products

3.Start a side hustle

Just because you are looking for something stable, it doesn't mean your life should be stagnant and rely on one variable. There's a lot of small businesses that you can start whilst you are still looking for work.

— Take a pen and a paper and write down the things that you are good at. It can literally be anything, as long as it's something you are either knowledgeable or skilled at.

— You can even use your Srd grant to fund your businesses.

These are the most inspiring things that we recommend for you. Which one stands out for you? Let us know in the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. For more informative articles like this one published daily, make sure you follow us and never miss out. 

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