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Memes that will lighten up your mood

Me: What's my salary sir?

Interviewer: 60k for now, it will be increased to 200k later.

Me: Okay sir, I will apply later then. When you are watching a movie with your wife or girlfriend in which a woman killed her husband then she was arrested by the police, and your wife said: 'if it was me they would never catch me'. My friend, it is the lord who is talking to you.

I bought beer for my fatherfather-in-law. He got drunk and shouted 'one day my daughter will get a better man'.Someone's girlfriend during her childhood My mom telling me visitors I don't do anything at home.

Me listening:Yesterday at midnight I went to the kitchen to steal meat. When I was leaving I met my dad who gave me a beating of my life. After bearing the pain I went to my room to enjoy my meat, only to find out that I took an onion. More painful than the beating he got

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