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Are you still waiting for August - October 2021 Srd R350 Payment


Since the returned of R350 on August 2021 the number of application has increased to more than 13 million application, this shows that more people still depending on SRD R350 grant, we must also understand that since the arrival of COVID-19 things has changed in our country, some people lost their jobs during national lockdown pandemic, so the returned of Social Relief of distress grant it means a lot to those who lost their jobs. 

SRD grant is distributed to help those who are not getting SOS of incomes however some people are trying to make fake application, if you're getting other SOS of incomes note that SRD sassa will decline your application, this special grant is for those who are in serious need like homeless people and people who are not working, there's a lot of people who are still waiting for August, September and October 2021 payment. 

SRD sassa already update October 2021 while other people are still waiting for the first payment, sassa has announced that those who are waiting for appealing feedback, sassa has sent a review to SA Banks so that they can verify if beneficiaries are getting other SOS of incomes, if your application is declined, but you're not getting SOS of incomes quickly submit application reconsideration form. 

This issue is same applies to those who are approved without payday date, all SRD sassa beneficiaries note that sassa will begin with payment for October 2021 from 21 October until the months ends, please note that SRD sassa always provide different pay day date to each and every beneficiary, if your October 2021 status is showing pay day date note that everything is right to your application. 

Have you got paid, or you're still waiting for SRD R350 grant payment? 

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