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Skeem Saam - Paying for non existent Transnet jobs

Times are tough and unemployment is at an all-time high – not even Turfloop has managed to escape the brutality of South Africa’s economic struggles. One resident feeling it the most this fortnight is Melita (Hellen Motsuki).

Having lost her lucrative canteen contract at Turf University in February, she’s been slaving away at Charles Kunutu’s (Masilo Magoro) spaza shop in recent months. But working the cash register simply isn’t enough – Melita wants to become a business queen. “The spaza shop is not where she really wants to be,” explains Hellen. “But to make ends meet, she doesn’t have a choice.

Cashier or not, Melita is still looking for a brighter, more financially stable future. And, as luck would have it, a juicy business opportunity soon comes her way. “She’s receives a message regarding a job opportunity on a WhatsApp group,” is all Hellen is initially willing to say. When pushed for more info, she simply says the offer is made by “a group of people who make their living out of scamming innocent people”. Oh, dear Melita… We hope you’re going into this with a clear mind and loads of caution.

But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hellen says that her character, seduced by promises of big bucks and instant success, immediately signs up. “The group is offering high-paying jobs and tenders,” Hellen finally reveals. “The catch, however, is that the victim [in this case poor Melita] is duped into thinking that their application will be fast-tracked – for a price…” Melita is promised a fancy title as Executive Assistant to some hot-shot CEO and, according to Hellen, “the salary is great!”

Blinded by the dollar signs and the prospect of finally having a cushy, high-end corporate job, Melita doesn’t think twice. Her desperation to realise her dream of becoming a successful and respected businesswoman also doesn’t help her to think clearly. Despite several red flags, such as upfront payment and vague details regarding the promised job, Melita is in it to win it. The actress even admits that her character ignores her own reservations about applying.

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