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OPINION| Ramaphosa Has no Ideas to Create Imployment

Cyril Ramaphosa doesn't inspire any confidence, particularly when it comes to encouraging young people to be educated, innovative and become inventers. How does he so proudly support a 20 year old to become a municipal councilor? Would he actually encourage his own grandchildren to do the same or would he rather encourage them to acquire academic, technical, scientific and commercial knowledge first!

As a State President, he is not good ambassador for excellence and development for this nation. I have been on a campaign to "decolonise" our culture, particularly in our dress code. Many people are supportive of this idea, (for which I am very thankful) but lament the cost of making our clothes. Some argue that our clothes are made in China at a much lesser cost. I accept that point. But isn't precisely the whole crux of colonisation

Indeed, the economies of scale will tell you that if goods are produced as per order or in smallquantities, they are bound to be expensive. But if we are serious about dressing up ourselves, it makes sense to mass produce our clothing. This doesn't only assist us in restoring our pride, dignity and identity, but will create jobs at a massive scale. Our designers will be very occupied in their creativity. China, and indeed the world, has seen through our lack of creativity and exploited that. It is only if we use our creativity and patriotism that the world will begin to take us seriously. We will no longer be labeled as mere numbers whose sole role is to consume goods produced by others. But we too will have the opportunity to export out talentsWe have to develop a sense of pride in our own creativity. We need to stop undermining ourselves in the face of massive exploitation of our self hate! We need to become a NATION, respected and recognized as such by the world! To do that, we also need a government which plans for the prosperity of the nation, and not the one that relies on the goodwill and generosity of the world

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