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Husband and wife relationship

9 Ways To Deal With A Stingy Husband - OPINION


Dealing with a stingy partner can be really frustrating. Here are some strategies for handling the circumstance.

1. Recognize the cause

There are certain people who are naturally cheap, and you cannot alter them. They are a tiny minority, nevertheless. You must make an effort to comprehend their motivations. Usually, there is a perfectly legitimate reason for it; for example, they are being thrifty because their job pays poorly, the job market is unstable, or they wish to preserve money in case they lose their job. Try to comprehend the reason behind your partner's frugal tendencies. Instead of bugging, complaining, or just walking away, try talking to him or her to find out why he or she is being so frugal.

2. Make financial concessions

It's crucial that you and your partner discuss your financial life as a partnership; you'll need to come to an agreement that works for both of you. Plan how much you will set aside for particular savings goals, such as a home or retirement, when talking about your financial aspirations. Plan how you will meet his or her need for further savings while allowing for personal expenses and holidays. You won't have to think of your partner as being stingy any longer once you've addressed your shared objectives and concerns.

3. Create a different plan of action

You might not be able to change your relationship, but you can surely lessen your dependence on him or her, according to Spend money on your favorite things and treat yourself. Show them that occasionally splurging is harmless. Let's hope that your habits and lifestyle influence your partner so that s/he can learn a thing or two about spending a little bit more than intended.

4. Select exciting financial dates

Take the reins and organize budget dates if you are having a nice time with your spouse and don't feel like bringing up the whole discussion regarding his or her frugal nature. Replace meals at pricey restaurants with hot tea at home. Take morning strolls together or simply sit and enjoy each other's company while observing the sunset.

5. Make concessions without compromising your happiness

Treat yourself to a fancy date once in a while if you feel like changing your lifestyle is a bit too much of a compromise. Spending less the following weeks can help you make up for the additional money you spent on your luxurious break after you indulge in a nice weekend getaway. If he or she insists on switching between budgeting and splurging, discuss it with them.

Be ready for the worst; 6.

No, we're not discussing breaking up here. When you are with a frugal companion, it is essential to always carry your wallet and credit cards. You should be prepared with a backup as he or she might not have extra cash on hand. Carry enough cash to avoid embarrassing situations at a fine-dining establishment or a theater. If the stingy behavior is getting on your nerves a little too much, send out signals; the person you love will always get the message.

7. Show love more.

Even if your partner is frugal, you still need to show them extra affection and care as a spouse. Withholding your affection now won't help the situation; rather, it will make it worse. You need to understand that feelings are fleeting and that money cannot buy them.

8. Make sacrifices to win their affection

Avoid using debate to support your points. Always give up and make sure they understand what you find more enjoyable. Buy them presents that will spur change and possibly prompt them to increase their spending.

9. Avoid using threats.

Know how to present your desires to your partner, whether you're a guy or a woman. Never use threats to pressure someone into doing what you want. That can make him or her even more tough. Utilize guilt as a tool. Use phrases like, "Honey, when was the last time I asked for something like this? You can be sure that if I can avoid it, I won't seek for aid. As I rely on you, please see what you can do. It might actually work.

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