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Immigration policy

"With 22million foreigners |Don't Vote these parties |they will bring foreigners and give them jobs"

The number of illegal immigrants is not fully known but it is suspected to be millions. There is no objections that there are illegal immigrants in the country, a lot of this people have fled the terror from countries to get opportunities and good life in South Africa, however the conditions in South Africa even if they are a little improved from foreign countries they are not very different. A lot of this foreigners have found themselves living in poor conditions and suffering and working any kind of job they can for any type of wage.

The influx of foreigners have caused a pressure to the locals who have living conditions which are not different from this immigrants countries, a lot of black South Africans are living in poverty as a result of the apartheid regime, the influx of foreigners into their space results into war and hate for foreigners.

The unemployment rate of South Africa is high and the private sector employs, preferably foreigners because they are easily exploited and more than willing to work extra hours and harder for favour.

The results of this and more creates hate for foreigners by locals, the problem of the influx of foreigners and corruption is of the failure in the ruling party, this way people want to remove the ANC from power because they have realised that it's failing.


A man on social media says that people should not vote for the ANC because it has brought 6 million legal immigrants and 16 illegal immigrants which is 22 million immigrants in the country. Immigrants which locals also believe are the cause of high unemployment. But because illegal immigrant are not documented and tracked it is not known the exact number of illegal immigrants in the country and the things they are doing.


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